At G7LIFE Media, our mission is to help content creators self-monetize their content and grow their brand. We offer an all-access membership to our TV Channel GEN7 Outdoors, which is available on Roku, Amazon FireStick, Google Play, and any device through our web app. With our GEN7 TV ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP, you get the following benefits:

Upload up to 120 Episodes/Videos Per Year – We make it easy for you to upload your episodes straight to the GEN7 TV Channel through your own personal GEN7 TV Login Account. You will also have access to analytics of your episodes/videos, allowing you to monitor the performance of your content and make informed decisions to improve your viewership.

Sell Your Pre-Roll and Embedded Ads – You can sell your pre-roll ads that play before all of your content. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your sponsors, social media campaigns, and any announcements about your business/TV show. Additionally, you can place your own ads and branding inside your episodes/videos.

Dedicated Category and Webpage – You will have a dedicated category under your business/TV show name with your episodes/videos on-demand on Roku, Fire TV, and Google Play App. Moreover, you will have a dedicated page on the GEN7 Outdoors website under your business/TV show name with your episodes/videos on-demand. You will also receive shareable links from the GEN7 Outdoors website for both your dedicated webpage and each on-demand episode/video, making it easier for you to share your content with your audience. You can list your affiliate links on your dedicated page on our website.

Scheduled Programming Slot – We offer a scheduled programming slot for videos formatted in the episode requirements. This ensures that your content is visible to your audience and helps you grow your viewership.

No Censorship of Hunting and Firearms – At G7LIFE Media, we believe in respecting your values and providing you with a platform where you can share your content without censorship. We do not censor guns, killing, or the processing of animals, allowing you to showcase your content without any restrictions.

At G7LIFE Media, we are committed to helping you grow your brand and monetize your content. Join us today and take the first step towards building a successful career in content creation.