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Welcome to G7Life Media, the powerhouse behind some of the most dynamic and engaging outdoor content on the web. Founded and owned by Jody Blackwelder, G7Life Media is the umbrella under which all of Jody’s diverse and thriving businesses operate. Starting July 1, 2024, G7Life Media is excited to announce a new direction, focusing on affiliate marketing. Our mission is to connect outdoor enthusiasts with top-notch products and services through our influential platforms and strategic partnerships.

Our Business Model

G7Life Media is a comprehensive media company that leverages the power of affiliate marketing to drive revenue and provide valuable content to our audience. Our strategy involves using our various websites to place targeted ads for our affiliates, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. Our key platforms include:

  • Outdoor Crusade: Our flagship brand, focusing on hunting, fishing, shooting, homesteading, camping, and survival. Outdoor Crusade is distributed through GEN7 Outdoors, which we own, providing high-quality content across multiple platforms including GEN7 Outdoors, Roku, Amazon FireStick, and online streaming.
  • Gun Crusade: A dedicated news feed website that focuses on firearms. Stay updated with the latest news, reviews, and insights at guncrusade.com.
  • CAMO Crusade: Your go-to source for hunting news and updates. Explore the world of hunting with us at camocrusade.com.
  • FISH Crusade: Dive into the fishing community with news, tips, and stories. Join us at fishcrusade.com.
  • CAMO News: Covering hunting, fishing, firearms, and outdoor news, CAMO News is your comprehensive source for all things outdoors. Visit camonews.com.
  • Bowhunter Syndicate: Focused on bowhunting and archery, Bowhunter Syndicate is the ultimate resource for archery enthusiasts. Check out bowhuntersyndicate.com.

About Outdoor Crusade

Outdoor Crusade is the heart of G7Life Media. As our main focus, Outdoor Crusade delivers top-tier content in the outdoor industry, covering a wide range of topics from hunting and fishing to survival and homesteading. Our goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain outdoor enthusiasts while promoting the best products and services through affiliate marketing.

Outdoor Crusade’s content is distributed through GEN7 Outdoors, enhancing our reach and impact. Our presence on platforms like Roku, Amazon FireStick, and various online streaming services ensures that our audience can access our content anytime, anywhere.

Social Media Promotion

In addition to our websites, G7Life Media will actively use each brand’s social media channels weekly to promote our content and affiliates. By leveraging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, we aim to engage our audience, drive traffic, and increase visibility for our affiliate partners.

Join Us on Our Journey

At G7Life Media, we are committed to providing valuable content and fostering a community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts. Through our affiliate marketing model, we connect our audience with the best products and services, enhancing their outdoor experiences.

Stay tuned as we continue to grow and innovate, bringing you the best in outdoor content and affiliate marketing. Thank you for being a part of the G7Life Media family.

Explore our websites, engage with our content, and join us on this exciting journey!

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