There are several reasons why you should consider using GEN7 Outdoors TV Channel in addition to your YouTube channel for your video content:


  • Targeted audience: GEN7 Outdoors TV Channel caters specifically to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and anglers, which means you can reach a highly targeted audience that may not necessarily be following your YouTube channel.

  • Additional exposure: By using GEN7 Outdoors TV Channel, you can reach a new audience that may not have been exposed to your brand or content before. This can help increase your overall exposure and potentially attract new followers to your YouTube channel.

  • Credibility: Being featured on a dedicated outdoor channel like GEN7 Outdoors TV can add credibility to your brand and content. It shows that your content is relevant and valuable to the outdoor community.

  • Differentiation: Using GEN7 Outdoors TV Channel in addition to YouTube can help differentiate your content from other channels in the outdoor niche. This can help you stand out and attract a more loyal and engaged audience.

  • Cross-promotion: By using both GEN7 Outdoors TV Channel and YouTube, you can cross-promote your content and reach a wider audience. You can promote your YouTube videos on GEN7 Outdoors TV and vice versa, which can help increase your overall views and engagement.

In summary, using GEN7 Outdoors TV Channel in addition to YouTube can help you reach a targeted audience, increase exposure, add credibility, differentiate your content, and cross-promote your videos. It can be a valuable addition to your video content strategy.